Stickboy Espresso

  • $16

Our Story: Okay. I will be honest with you. I created this espresso for pure fun. Once I found the perfect combination of beans though, I knew it was time to bring it to the market for all of us to enjoy. Our Stickboy Espresso is not quite as dark as our Italian Espresso, but it’s smooth and rich with a full body finish for us all to enjoy anytime of the day! Happy brewing from Stickboy and the Stickboy Coffee Team!! 

Roast Level: Dark/Espresso

Cupping Notes: This blend offers an evenly colored crema and a smooth body.

Problem 1
If you are purchasing coffee from your local grocer, there’s a good chance that coffee is up to three years old.

Solution 1
Our coffee is handcrafted and freshly roasted using Stickboy’s homemade recipes creating exclusive coffee you can NOT find anywhere else! Each bag of our Stickboy Espresso is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting.

Problem 2
Your local grocer sells coffee in 10 oz. or 12 oz. bags.

Solution 2
We sell by the pound.

We only purchase Arabica beans. Stickboy’s roasting technique provides coffee full of flavor using an artisan process. No additives. No preservatives. No artificial flavors.