Ultra-endurance Athlete

By age twenty-eight Stickboy was broke, directionless, and working a temp job that he had taken for the health insurance. It was at this moment that Stickboy decided to take ownership of his health.

It was time to make a change in his life.

Stickboy overhauled his diet, put on his running shoes and jumped on a bike. It wasn’t long before ambition took hold and his quest to participate in races slowly began.

The struggle is the essence of a life worth living so Stickboy kept pushing himself beyond his comfort zone demanding more from himself on his quest to become an ultra-endurance athelete.

A few years later Stickboy has become an ultra-endurance athlete who is known nation-wide in his events as a cyclist and runner competing in some of the most difficult races. Stickboy has competed in many hardcore races including several marathons, triathlons, and 24-hour bike events (on his FAT BIKE nonetheless).

When Stickboy isn’t roasting or spending time with his family and friends, you can find him lost on the remote trails of New York!