Stickboy Himself


Tom Hall is the “Stickboy” behind Stickboy Coffee. He is a graduate of SUNY Onondaga Community College with an Associate’s Degree and holds a Bachelors of Business Degree from SUNY Empire State College. Stickboy is an ultra-endurance athlete who is very well known nation-wide in his events as a cyclist and runner. He has competed in many hardcore races including several marathons, triathlons, and 24-hour bike events (on his FAT BIKE nonetheless). He’s high-energy, always smiling, hilarious and loves to laugh! Stickboy has a natural ability to lead others and inspire many people around him to make changes to better themselves. As an entrepreneur, Stickboy has many goals and visions for the future of Stickboy Coffee and beyond that. He’s always on his next adventure and is happy to take along whoever wants to join him! 

Stickboy's favorite Stickboy Coffees are: The Stickboy Coffee House Blend and the Cabana Blend.
What you do at Stickboy Coffee: Everything and anything. I also keep everyone focused on the customer experience.
In your spare time: I'm running, biking, fat biking, or skiing.
Favorite place to run: Great Bear and/or Green Lakes
Favorite place to fat bike and ski: Winona Forest 
Favorite TV show: The Blacklist!! It's too good not to watch.
Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski that is a funny movie! My second favorite movie is the Blues Brothers. It’s the only reason I shop at Pier One. It's important to point out that my favorite actor is Viggo Mortensen. I want to be as cool as he is when I grow up.
Favorite Band: Rolling Stones. Can you believe they are still going?
The best part of waking up: Every day is a gift not a right so I enjoy waking up and drinking Stickboy Coffee. Best part of the morning! #drinkstickboycoffee