Sarah the COO

SARAH VROMAN “The COO”, Community Outreach Officer of Stickboy Coffee

Sarah is a graduate of SUNY Oswego and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Graphic Design. Sarah is a lover of old cars (well, all cars really), pin-up hair, her adorable cat, her hilarious grandfather, black coffee and HALLOWEEN! She spends a lot of her time crafting and attending car shows in the summer time. The COO is notorious for her humor and quick wit. She is passionate about charity work and giving back to the community. For many years, she was the Chapter Chair for the Central New York Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She coordinated day to day operations for the chapter as well as many other events and fundraisers. She has vast knowledge in the non-profit world and is a huge asset to Stickboy Coffee because of her passion and experience. Though being the COO is Sarah's main job title, she has many other titles at Stickboy Coffee. She is our graphic designer, social media guru and the go to for all things technological at. And last but not least, she is Stickboy’s sidekick. The COO strives to connect Stickboy Coffee with the world, find innovative ways to give back, and make great connections with people along the way. We’re excited to have Sarah as part of our Executive team. 

What's your favorite blend at Stickboy Coffee: It’s a tossup between Chocolate (because it’s CHOCOLATE) and Time to Run. Tom had me try Time to Run and from that moment I was hooked! Those sundried beans are DELICIOUS!
In your spare time: When I’m not being artsy you can find me hanging out at car shows or in the garage with my brother.
Favorite TV show: Hands down, The Walking Dead. The Big Bang Theory comes in a close second.
Favorite Movie: Probably has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Favorite Band: The Reverend Horton Heat
Favorite Sports Team of all Time: Pittsburgh Steelers
Your favorite place to visit: Out of the places I’ve been, I would love to go back to San Diego. Out of the places I’ve never been, I would love to experience Nashville.
Three Random Facts:
1. Some years ago I was given the nickname Rosie, after Rosie the Riveter and her signature bandana. Little did they know that my middle name is actually Rose.
2. I am a Halloween ENTHUSIAST. I take Halloween to the next level when it comes to costumes and special effects makeup.
3. I have the most eclectic taste in music out of anybody I know.
Explain Tom Hall (Stickboy) in one sentence: Keen business sense, mixed with a little bit of livin’ on the edge!
What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done: How can I pick just one?! After every race he comes back with an EPIC story.