Welcome To Your Movement

The beauty and value of Stickboy Coffee is a movement started by you for a better today and a better tomorrow!! Here’s to those searching for something more. Something greater!!
You are here to do great things. We are here to do great things.
It’s about choosing to use your life to touch someone else’s life.
We are about changing the world and making it a little bit better!
Our movement is for those that dare to dream.
To those that work so hard to achieve those goals that others think are impossible.
We realize life is short so we are going to have fun.
We are the underdogs but that’s okay we were born to stand out.
Everyone’s journey is different.
No matter how many times we fall down we always get back up.
We forgive quickly.
Love honestly.
We LOVE to laugh. Smiles are contagious. We LOVE to smile.
Making a life is not the same thing as making a living.
Filling our life with experiences not things is very important to us.
Having stories to tell not stuff to show makes us smile.
Keep it all simple.
Positive thoughts create positive things.
Kindness is free.
It’s about trusting your instincts.
Following your gut.
No matter how we feel, we get up, show up and NEVER EVER give up.
We raise our mugs to those that walk to their own beat, to those that dare to be great, to those that dare to dream and here’s to the next generation of the crazy ones that believe they can change the world!!!
We our Stickboy Coffee. We are a movement created by YOU!!!

The Movement You Started:
Ethics before Profit
Pledge of Honesty

We celebrate the independence that helps make us the renegades in the coffee industry!