Our Founder

Tom Hall’s passion is coffee and his soul is dedicated to making the world a better place! Those close to Tom say he is 'one of the most honest, ethical people' you will ever come across. He is an innovator who will push the boundaries; a visionary and a rebel in his own way. Many would describe Tom as being a little crazy (he does run up mountains and thinks that’s fun), eccentric, easy going, fun loving, and hilariously funny! Tom craves adventures that involve out-of-body experiences, intense pain, nights without sleep, and a supreme sense of accomplishment (which is why he participates in marathons, 100 mile bike races/rides and 24-hour races).

Tom’s dedication, loyalty and passion is delivered in every batch of coffee, every email, every phone call, every interaction and most importantly every company decision. Tom has always had a passion for quality, flavorful gourmet coffee. It developed his senior year in high school. Stickboy Coffee has set high standards for quality, handcrafted coffee insisting on only using the finest coffee beans from around the world. You can find Tom going through every batch of coffee to make sure it's up to standard for our customers to enjoy and he even goes above and beyond to taste every batch to ensure its quality!

A message from Tom:
To me, life isn’t about money because a hundred years from now nobody will care what kind of car I drove or the house that I lived in. That’s just the way I feel. I live my life in hopes that I leave the world knowing I made a difference even if it's just one person's life I have touched. Friendships are much more important to me as many of them have helped me start Stickboy Coffee. For those that have helped me, I hope you realize how thankful I'm and how grateful I feel to have you as friends. I will take friendships over money any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Why I started Stickboy Coffee
I once saw an interview with Robert Redford and he stated that he didn’t like the word “businessman” and I couldn’t agree more. I feel that I’m more of an artist because if I’m not creating something I feel stagnant. I’m also building something out of nothing which is what an artist does when they create.

As an endurance athlete I know the importance of fresh products even when it came to my coffee so I always purchased fresh gourmet/specialty coffee from independently owned roaster. I couldn't believe how much I was paying. At times, I was paying $16.95 for 12 oz which is way too much. So I started to dream about a company that would change all that. One that would innovate, be visionaries, bring attention to the environment and use business as a platform to change the world for the better!

The Environment
I think or at least I hope that people are becoming more aware that Mother Nature needs our help as we are facing an environmental crisis right now. We are a part of Mother Nature so when we destroy it we are only destroying ourselves.

However, what I can’t stand is the amount of garbage and pollution that I find on the side of the roads when I’m on my bike. It makes me so sick to see all of this and I started to find myself pulling over to pick up the garbage. Unable to find a job and considering opening my own business, I always told myself that I would create an environmentally friendly coffee company as I was picking up trash. We as a coffee company do our best to create little to no trash and recycle everything that we can! We give maximum attention to our product quality and aim for minimal use of natural resources including raw energy, transportation and materials used from the environment.

I want Stickboy Coffee to be around for the next 100 years but we cannot be victims of our own greed and ignorance if we want to be in business that long. In order to be in business that long, we need to take care of Mother Nature who does not have a voice to speak for itself, so therefore it needs to be and will be considered first in every business decision that we make.

Colleges across this nation really need to require classes in which the student learns about business and the environment instead of courses such as statistics a class that I was required to take in order to get my business degree in which I have NOT used to date. It was a waste of my time and money taking that class. I would be and our planet would be better off if I took a course about businesses being environmentally responsible.

I really truly hope that I can use Stickboy Coffee to bring attention to the environment and the crisis that we are facing. I hope to save Mother Nature and I consider it to be a shareholder at our company. Every decision that we make Mother Nature is considered in it.