MISSION: To roast FRESH STICKBOY COFFEE especially for you!

VISION: Leveraging technology, people, and resources as we provide FRESH STICKBOY COFFEE to our consumers while driving innovation. We achieve our goals through our most valuable resource-our PEOPLE.

We are innovators, dedicated professionals, and we are proud to uphold the traditions of commitment, excellence, and teamwork.

• Providing our customers with the best customer service experience, building customer relationships, conquering all challenges, and demanding the best of ourselves.
• Empowering our employees to provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations.
• We pursue excellence in everything we do and being a leader in invocative practices and strategies.


• We value the contribution of every team member.
• We inspire and encourage high levels of employee engagement through recognition, effective communication, and constant feedback.
• We train together, work together, and look out for one another.

• When the training, preparation, and teamwork all come together, we are at our best.
• We give our customer the best customer service experience, building customer relationships, conquer all challenges, and demand the best of ourselves.
• We choose to perform at the highest level of excellence.

• We strive to serve the best-in-class offering that meet cutting-edge business.

Our values also include:

To be honest and accountable

Act with integrity

Save our planet

Empower our employees

Support and encourage innovation

Be unique

Make it better

Work together as a team

Believe in strong communication

Respect for others

Taking ownership

Having fun