Fun FAQ with Our Founder

Q: Jen from New Hampshire asked, What is your favorite movie?
A: The Big Lebowski that is a funny movie! My second favorite movie is the Blues Brothers. It’s the only reason I shop at Pier One. It's important to point out that my favorite actor is Viggo Mortensen. I want to be as cool as he is when I grow up.

Q: Mike from Denver asked, who is your favorite band Stickboy?
A: Dave Mathew's Band. The Rolling Stones. Can you believe the Rolling Stones are still going?

Q: John from California asked, what’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?
A: Why is my alarm clock going off?

Q: Ed from New York asked, who would play you in a movie of your life?
A: Adrian Brody. Brody kind of looks like me. Doesn’t he? Maybe? Come on, give it to me!

Q: What brings you happiness?
A: Doing things that people said could not be done. People told me that a company couldn’t succeed being socially and environmentally responsible company. There is a lot of greed out there but all I want to do is change the world. Again, many feel that cannot be done but I will try.

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: I’m lucky I laugh all the time. I really love a good joke! I really subscribe to the theory that laughter is good for the mind and soul.

Q: What about the marathons that you participate in?
A: They hurt! I usually have a mental breakdown the last few miles and start focusing on running. In my head I’m saying, “Left foot. Right foot.” It’s very Zen like and truly helps me. But the crowds are always amazing and their enthusiasm always carries me to the finish line. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Q: What motivates you to carry on?
A: The love of trying to make a difference in this world while bringing attention to the environmental crisis that we are facing as a planet. I won’t stop until I drop for sure.

Q: What do you fear?
A: I fear illness because it is something that we cannot control.

Q: How you describe Stickboy Coffee?
A: An innovate company with a great product and consumer service to match!