Customer Service

Customer Service 

Quality customer service is priority number one.  STICKBOY COFFEE has been providing an extraordinary customer experience since day one! If you have any questions regarding STICKBOY COFFEE, please contact us below.

STICKBOY COFFEE does NOT charge a surcharge if you use your credit card. STICKBOY COFFEE will NEVER sell or trade your name. PERIOD.

At STICKBOY COFFEE, we understand that the customer experience is a multidimensional concept that captures a customer’s attention, and we understand the added value that great customer service can provide our brand. Therefore, STICKBOY COFFEE is committed to providing you with great customer service in a professional manner!

STICKBOY COFFEE does NOT partake in high pressure sales. We want to educate our customers about the romance of coffee drinking much like the romance of drinking fine wine.

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 Here is Our Pledge of Honesty.