Coffee Freshness

You are going to LOVE the taste of freshly roasted coffee! In order to deliver on this promise of delivering you freshly roasted coffee so we micro-roast in small batches and every batch is tasted to adhere to our extremely high standards that we set for ourselves.The aroma will spring out of the bag and the taste is so rich when it peaks.

The coffee you order does NOT sit around as we want to ship you fresh coffee. At Stickboy Coffee, we employ a direct-to-customer delivery system to ensure that your coffee stays fresh and we manage our inventory regularly so that we can proudly guarantee that! The smell of freshly roasted coffee will jump out of the bag at you and the taste is vibrant for our customers to enjoy!

Please remember that whole beans retain the freshness much longer compared to ground coffee. It's best to buy whole beans and grind them at home to ensure fresh coffee. We recommend to our customer to grind your beans just before brewing to help maintain and maximize the freshness of the coffee. When your coffee arrives please remember to store it in a cool, dark and dry place.

Please help us spread the word about our freshly roasted coffee by telling your family and friends about us because word-of-mouth promotion is so important because it helps us keep cost down. Thank you so much everyone!