Stickboy Coffee was started by Tom Hall (aka Stickboy) who was broke and unemployed with absolutely no connections within the coffee industry. He didn’t even have a roaster, but he had a passion for creating a renegade brand. People just love that story. We love that story!!

However, it isn’t the only story Stickboy Coffee should tell. It’s critical to us as a company that every employee has the freedom to be their own badass. That’s why much of the work we do at Stickboy Coffee is focused on distributing authority and giving control to the teams that are getting the work done.

Stickboy Coffee is obsessed with our customers and we feel you should be a customer of ours so you are free to sprint as fast as you can to provide the best customer service possible.

What we look for:
Be an Artist
And of course a sense of humor

It’s time for you to leave your mark on the future and realize our purpose together.

Requirements are as followed:

Cover Letter must be one page. Please write a few short paragraphs about one or two things you are extremely passionate about and what you are doing to change the world for the better.

Resume will be one page. Please indicate a specific position of area or interest that you wish to be considered for. You will only have completed degrees listed.

References will be one page. Please only list three references.

  • We are sorry but at this time we do not have any positions that need to be filled.