Stickboy Espresso

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Stickboy Espresso—a signature blend

Experience the epitome of coffee craftsmanship with Stickboy Espresso—a signature blend that defines excellence in every cup. Meticulously curated, this espresso is a testament to our commitment to quality, flavor, and the art of coffee.

Sourced from the world's finest coffee beans, Stickboy Espresso boasts a rich and complex flavor profile that caters to the discerning palate. Each sip unveils a symphony of notes, from the deep, robust undertones to the nuanced brightness that dances on your taste buds.

We carefully roast these premium beans to perfection, ensuring a harmonious balance between intensity and smoothness. The result is a velvety espresso with a tantalizing aroma, crowned by a perfect crema—a hallmark of superior extraction.

Whether you're savoring a morning ritual or seeking an afternoon indulgence, Stickboy Espresso delivers an unparalleled coffee experience. Embrace the ritual of coffee-making with a blend that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to explore the depth and complexity of a truly exceptional espresso.

Elevate your coffee moments with Stickboy Espresso—a celebration of passion, precision, and the pure joy of a finely crafted cup of coffee.

Enjoy in the morning or afternoon. 

Roast Level: Dark/Espresso

 Notes: 100% Arabica beans

Everyone knows someone that drinks coffee so gift them some FRESH STICKBOY COFFEE!